The People’s Potray of Aidil Azhar

 I live with my ordinary life until I started to listed down what people judged me as. Although it is quite annoying to accept it but that the truth that I have to accept. Because people are always a mirror of ourselves.


Person that always mentally abuse others





Too Much Dreaming 




Lazy & Stupidity 





Always can’t understand other’s feelings





Speak Harsh Words





Big Mouth : Proud





Big Fatty 





Shorty Guy





Too Serious!! Not Funny At All





Hot Temper 





Spoke Like a GayMan (Soft Hand Action Like Shemale Action)





Big and Broad Forehead 





Meaner to anything, anyone





Always take girl’s money 





 Fake as he is a rich guy





No Quality and Bad Employer 



 So I guess thats all what people said. It really don’t motivate me down because you are wasting your precious time by reading this nonsense article. Haha. LOL See ya



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  1. Your wife
    Your wife says:

    Although some were true but you have changed a lot and i love you dearie. Yeap u take my money but you put in ASB! Hahahaha. I pray you success always and best of luck in everything you do. Xoxo you!!!


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