Scary Hongkong Commercial : The 7th Kid that Supposely only 6 Kids

Pandang betul betul dan baca petikan di bawah dengan teliti.
Tengok berulangkali, baru anda perasan, ada kanak-kanak yang ketujuh.


Memang menakutkan dan iklan ini telah diharamkan untuk ditayangkan di stesen
tv di hongkong kerana kanak-kanak lelaki yang gemuk itu telah mati seminggu
selepas penggambaran iklan ini. Baca petikan ini dengan teliti

See if you can spot the 7th girl…..
How true is it? …hmmmm this advertisement is very popular in
hk cos most of the ppl has seen something extra in this adv. when
the director of the ads review the ads at midnight, he discovered that there
were supposed to be 6 children playing but there is 1 extra person at
the back. Soon, the last kid died.

The ads was immediate stopped but it has already become very popular in hk.
A lot of ppl are talking abt it. Very eerie!!! on 25sec -27sec,
the last person is a fat boy, but his shoulder was held by a gal who was
nodding her head ( she has 2 pony tails). It’s at the last scene when everybody is looking in front.
look at the last person.

Instead of the fat boy, its a girl. When everyone of the kid’s face is close up, u
can see the little girl with her head looking down. muz watch it very carefully
cos it’s only 1 sec. at the last scene, the fat boy is the last 1, then who is the girl?